Thursday, April 23, 2015

No soliciting sign

Our house is in a neighborhood of all new construction.

Evidently that is a prime market for solicitors.

We were getting at least 3 people a day and some were very shady, 
like they were casing out our house.

So I grabbed a board and some paint and made this, uh, sign.

It's a quote I had on a laminated sign I put in our window at the old house.
"If not a friend, you will offend. No soliciting, No anything, No kidding."
How ever it's not as attractive as some I've seen.

The next surface I used was an old window from a garage door.
I did a back painting, it sounded it great until I remembered that I have tremors.

It ended up looking something like this,

I loved it and it was perfect, until of course we have 60mph winds in a thunderstorm in March.

So I forgot about it until I walked out to see this;

Ouch. Thats what I get for using real glass and not anchoring it to anything.

Lesson learned.

I picked up a wood panel to paint next, but it's just not calling to me like most craft projects do.

The first one is doing it's job so far,
Until I can paint a new one.

Thanks for stopping by!

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