Sunday, April 26, 2015

Organizing Bath and Body works wallflowers

Why do some of the best products come in the most ridiculous shaped containers??

I mean, I love the way wallflowers look on the wall but buying them when they go on sale is way cheaper, so when they have a sale I like to stock up on the ones I use.

But storing them until I need them is the problem.

until of course I had an odd thought while making french toast.


Those wallflowers are shaped like eggs.

They WILL fit into an egg container.

That egg container fits in the shoe box size plastic containers.

Of course I tore the lid off.

Look how well they fit in there!
It even leaves enough room for the sets and plug ins on the side!

Yes, they come in the box when you buy two but that's a ton of extra packaging.
And once you use one you don't want to leave the box in there knocking around.

One more thing those egg cartons are good for!

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