Thursday, April 16, 2015

Water color planner labels

I'm an obsessed planner addict.
I will never hide this fact.

I also love stickers and making lables.

Put those together and you get some awesome planner stickers

I've made regular printed ones before,
they were just sticker paper that I punched out with a tag shape:

But they were so odd shaped it was hard to put them into my planner or calendar nicely.

Then I moved on to the round ones, still the same concept with a round punch and stacked them on color coding dot labels;

Which I kept in the back of the planner in a clear pocket.

It was perfect for the planner I was using at the time.

I needed something different for my new planner this year, smaller and different than the ones I had made previously and with the colors I had already coded my planner with.

I had some of these guys laying around;

only problem is that they are write only, 
I'm sure I could design something in photo shop to fit, but that takes too much time and energy.
Plus matching the color coding would be awful.

So I just took the markers I used for color coding, (Hallelujah crayola!!)
And colored the stickers with the markers! GENIUS!

Of course the colors were the same and matched perfectly.

however they are tiny, I couldn't even tell why I had put them in my planner.
It was a learning experience!

I then realized I could color them with the markers after I had printed them out!
It was a great idea but took way too long.

After finding the box of my art supplies I realized that I had some crayola watercolors that matched the markers!

So all the colors are consistent and it didn't smear the printing!

I used Avery 5418 and their printing program to just print the words on the plain sticker sheets, 
it was extremely easy!

Then you slap the water color on, I was worried at first that the paper would warp and curl when it got wet, or even worse it wouldn't stick.
I didn't encounter a single problem with the avery labels!!

I simply peeled off the borders of the stickers so they wouldn't look so terrible,
you can really see how pretty they are once the background is removed!


I also had some  Office depot brand dot stickers,
I thought, heck why don't I paint them before I print on them?

I mean the avery ones didn't warp or curl when I painted them, I loaded them with water!

Hahaha, well, they curled.

So printing didn't seem likely.

Until I removed the background, the dots lay flat all by themselves!

I haven't tried printing on them because I know my printer refuses to have anything to do with surfaces shinier than sandpaper. 

When I upgrade my printer, I can't wait to send these guys through! Although I think they would be really pretty with just a simple stamp on them!

Now I have too many color coded labels than I know what to do with, but I'm sure when I run out I'll come up with a new way of making them!

Thanks for stopping by!


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