Saturday, April 11, 2015

Home tour.

I promised that I would post the inside of our home,
Starting with the heart, we have the kitchen,

We only got it because it came with the house!
With all joking aside I do find myself cooking and baking more, 
it helps when your stove actually works.

I picked out the colors for the rest of the house, 
My husband thought it was only fair that he gets to pick one.
Of course it's the largest wall in the house so it MUST be the focus wall.
We can always change it around in the future.

I joked with my family "Like mold, fungus and my husband, this color is starting to grow on me".
And with some furniture it looks like it was meant to be!

Moving down the hallway, there is a laundry room with my brand new washer and dryer!

I adore having a main floor laundry, well everything is main floor but thats neither here nor there.
the only thing I dislike is the chimes the washer and dryer make anytime you touch it.
Forget taking a nap if I'm doing a laundry, you can't even adjust the volume. 

Further down the hallway we have the guest bedroom.
Aka we have an extra bed and now the cats have somewhere to sleep in the sun.

You can see the two boys cuddling, 
I haven't decorated this room or even put the nice comforter on it yet, 
I haven't had a stroke of creativity for this room.

Next to the guest room will be the craft room.
There is no picture of this room for obvious reasons.
(It's a craft room, it's not set up, and it only has boxes in it.)

The guest bath is at the end of the hallway.

once again it's pretty plain. I picked up the shower curtain on clearance at Target, reused the same rugs from our rental and found two huge mirrors on craigslist.

This is also where we keep the kitty litter hidden in the bathtub behind the shower curtain.
We placed foam and a special mat on the bottom of the tub to prevent any scratches
from the cats.

Master bedroom is next to the right of the bathroom.
Of course this is where I spend a majority of my time, due to my condition.
This is why it's the only bedroom with curtains. 
For privacy sake I threw up some curtains on a tension shower curtain rod.
The house behind us in a cul-de-sac faces the back of our house, right into our bedroom.

On the floor plan the bedroom looks very small, but we have a 
king size bed, a waterfall vanity and dresser.
I don't own any small furniture.

This is the set I picked up for $50 bucks last rummage sale season!

I also used them at the rental but this is the best photo of them together.

I know that I could have refinished the furniture, the husband thinks it's tacky to have scratched and dinged furniture, I think it has charm and history. 

Opposites attract I suppose.
I simply used some furniture polish to make it look less 'pre-loved'.

The antique dresser was perfect for the TV and a bluray player.

I did get rid of the standing mirror, It just wasn't working for me anymore, I never wear jewelry so there was no sense in keeping it anymore, it has a loving new home with one of my best friends.

One of my favorite places (HA)
The master bathroom, plain, boring, and undecorated.
I'm sure I'll find something I MUST do in the future, 
that and most of my decor is still packed in storage.

I did require a magnifying mirror that I had to install. 

I know, I'm one of 'those' people.

Shower curtain is from Jcpenney, royal velvet, my favorite brand of textiles.

Surprisingly the rugs are from walmart, in the kitchen rug area.
I don't usually shop there but I needed color.

The linen closet in the master bath keeps all of my personal NEEDED items.
I need all of them.
And the stuff I don't want to keep in the other linen closets, you never know who is going to judge you based on a linen closet.
I do, because they aren't welcome here.

Of course everything is organized and labeled. I have a few million 3m command hooks throughout the house, the linen closet is no exception.

Hand towels, washcloths and hair towels (the turbans and ones for hair color)
Get rolled and put in a pan lid holder that doesn't work in our kitchen.
It keeps them neat and organized.
The bottom shelf is high enough that it can fit two large rubbermaid hampers on the floor.
Lights and darks and no clothes on the bathroom floor, for now.

Of course at least one of the cats enjoys the towels being stored in there.

Thanks to my dad, husband and Bumble, the walk in closet fits most of my clothes.

We had the rubbermaid track system from our rental, we just had to hang it up!

The hallway closet holds all the first aid, waxing items, air fresheners and cleaning rags.
The dusters are stored on 3m hooks off to the side, no need to photograph those.

And occasionally the linen closet hides our cat Bumble if we don't latch it all the way.

The Garage is a complete mess and so is the yard. 
As soon as I get some decor unpacked I'll post each room individually. 
Hopefully you have a basic understanding of the layout and the rooms!

Thanks for stopping by!

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