Sunday, April 19, 2015

Up cycled night stands and Livingroom cabinets

I adore rummage sale season, 
It's the most wonderful time of the year! 
(Don't get the song stuck in your head now)

I was able to pick these two cabinets at a rummage sale for $40.

They weren't a color I liked, I even hated the hardware.
They were hand made by someone with lots of love, I saw the attention to detail and knew they had to go in the living room!
So  I sanded them down and put some Minwax Poly shade in Bombay Mahogany.
The technical jargon is Here,
I love that it's a stain and sealer in one, can't wait to find more wood to stain!

I also liked it so much I used it on the mirror in the bedroom and I stained two antique dressers my 
parents purchased right after they got married.

the far left dresser under the massive TV is what the dressers looked like before.
They matched our old bedroom set, so no need to redo them!

My mother even helped me redo them, She's a perfectionist so its good to have her go over it one last time to make sure I got everything!

And of course she has to get all of the tape off perfectly!

Of course there was minimal clean up when we finished because of her!

The finished product can be seen here in the old place!

The words are "True love stories never have endings"
of course when I applied the letters the first time the N didn't transfer and I didn't notice until days later that it infact read "True love stories ever have endings"
Thank goodness for the cricut and vinyl, it was close enough and I'm not too worried that it doesn't match completely, Barely anyone sees it anyway!

 The two dressers are now nightstands in the master bedroom that match our bed perfectly!
Here they are in the workshop at my parent's house,

I like to make huge messes so I had to put plastic down!

The drawers looked like this;

They got new hardware and lead happy new lives as night stands.
Mine was somewhat clean, they are the perfect height for our platform bed!

I even attached a 3m command hook and a phone holder to the sides of each!
I love the phone holder, it holds the cords for both my phone and IPad but also is a great alarm clock!
Added bonus, I don't loose my phone in between the dresser and bed as much anymore!

I also hang my sleep mask there, because I'm high maintenance 
Light sensitive and some days I like to sleep all day!

One warning I do have to mention,
do not under any circumstances put your wallflower air fresheners on or near any wood surface!
I set one on the might stand to plug it in after I was finished vacuuming.
 and this happened:

I am so embarrassed and ashamed that I did that right after I refinished them!!

I now use a vanity mirror tray and a lamp to cover the marks until I can re-re-finish this one!

the cabinets however are working wonderfully and I haven't even seen a single scratch from moving!

 After some new hardware from lowes the cabinets look like this in the sun!

Here they can be seen on either side of the TV stand.

This is the first time I really stained anything, most wood pieces I just polish and enjoy their charm!

But these were a light maple color and that was not going to work!

Thanks for stopping by!

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