Friday, April 10, 2015

New abode!

My husband and I relocated to my hometown after his time was up with the Air force.

We had little to no luck finding a house to buy with the oil boom that is bringing in many new families. A rental was the only option we had, so with luck we rented the top unit of a duplex for about 3 years.
Here is the 1952 masterpiece with one of our cats in the window.

It was time to stretch our legs and get our own place, it's only the adult thing to do.
Plus with wanting to start a family we wanted a yard, no steps and an open concept.
After touring far too many pre owned houses we decided it was cheaper to build a small new house.

I researched local companies and there was only one builder was nice and helpful, I had either blue or purple hair at the time.
The only house that really fit our lifestyle was called "The Heartland", 
very fitting for the region we live in.

This is the design we went with. It's our first home and we don't really need all that much room.
We just wanted a big yard and all I cared about was having more than one bathroom.

Here is the floor plan. I did tweek it slightly to fit my lifestyle. 
The Darling Husband didn't really care.

A 3 bed 2 bath single level open concept.
The living room alone was the size of our rental.

The only problem with building a house is you have to wait for them to actually build it.
But it is well worth it!

I drove by our lot almost everyday because it was close to my parents, I was slowly driving myself batty by doing this, so the last few months of it being built I stayed away as much as I could.
This is the largest purchase we will make any time soon and I wanted to know it was going well.

My builder would send me weekly texts  to let me know how everything 
was going and what they had achieved.

This is the last photo I will take until our landscapers get here to remove all the construction debris.
And yes, we do have molding around our garage now!

It was worth the time and effort to build a new house,
Thanks to my husband for moving all my crap (including half finished projects)
And allowing me to decorate!

I'll post more soon about the inside!

Thanks for stopping by,

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