Friday, April 17, 2015

Kitchen and Living room tour!

I'm all about decorating but I still have no clue as to what to put above the cabinets
 until I can unpack my decor from storage,

my mother did sew me the valance for above the window and 
I had picked up a utensil holder at gordmans. 
It fits my feelings toward cooking to a tee.

Also we don't have much drawer space, the towels and such go on the top of the counter.
Easy to change out and put away!

A better photo of the valence, It's held up with a suspension rod.
nothing too fancy yet!

Since it's an open concept, you look straight into the living room,

Once I find more decor I'm sure more will be added. 
Also all my books are still missing!

The couch we ordered is also still M.I.A.
So we have this great empty space!
( I have all my art supplies there now )
Please excuse the star wars blankets, we have a cat that likes to sleep up there.

This is what the end tables look like in the new house!
I love how wonderfully they go with the floor and kitchen directly behind it!

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