Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to paint words on a window

As everyone on the internet, I simply adore old windows.

I've used the Cricut to cut some vinyl for a wedding I decorated for;

It says "happily ever after" on the bottom.

As fun as that way is, I needed to make a no soliciting sign, with a bunch of words and I don't have that much vinyl on hand.

So I grabbed some acrylic paint and the twin to the window above.

I cleaned it with dish soap first, then with rubbing alcohol to make sure it's absolutely clean.

I printed out the wording mirrored so I could tape it on the front and paint on the back.
I used Ceramcoat paint, it's made for glass and when let to dry is permanent.
Of course it would have been easier to outline it in sharpie and go in with the paint, but I like being stubborn and doing things the hard way!

Here is the progress shot: 

And the finished product,

After some clear spray she was ready to go, sadly it met it's fate in a thunderstorm.

Back to the drawing board!

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