Friday, April 24, 2015

Large canvas wall art with miss matched paints

I've moved quite a bit in my life and I've kept most of the decor from house to house.

My favorite art work has to be these giant 36x48" canvases from hobby lobby.
I bought them in 2007 and they have followed me around.

Here is where they originally were, my condo.

On the wall at our house on base:

I even recovered them for use in our rental! 
One received a facelift with brown damask,
(Right behind the Tv)
Please don't mind the cats, they have to be where I am and have to be in whatever I'm doing.

The other received a canvas cover with fancy letters all over it:
(To the right of the window)

Now that we are in our new house I decided on doing completely different colors, Of course the brown and yellow were not going to work!

They sat in my craft room at our new house, I knew I wanted to paint them over with white, 
but that's as far as the plan had gone.

I was visiting a new (to me) Paint store on the north side of town, 3 pm on a friday.
I was sure they were going to be annoyed by my pickiness and showing up on a friday afternoon.

Sometimes I hate to be wrong, but this isn't one of those times!

The employees, all two of them were very helpful in finding me some paint. 
I had no clue in what colors I wanted, so I started in the miss poured paint.
Most stores will sell you a gallon of miss-poured/miss-matched paint for pretty cheap, 
but this stuff was really cheap!

I really didn't know about any kind of interior paint, I painted cars, I had no clue.
The guys explained what they were and what they did, in layman's terms, which was awesome!

So I brought home these three beauties:

The turquoise matches all the new bedding and curtains! 

As you can see I've already used some of the white on a couple of easier projects that need more time to dry in order to be put back together.

This is the white, it does say Premium interior eggshell.
They are not kidding, you get what you pay for with this bad boy!

The tan color is also the same line.
I love being able to mix colors together, 
it's important that they will mix and not have some weird reaction.

Granted I know that these are canvases and this paint is for the wall, 
but I'm cheap and really don't want to have to go buy paint just to cover these canvases.

This is what they looked like before:
(Excuse my shadow)

I had just put together a cart/bin/organizer one of my BFF's gave me as a housewarming gift.
(Which I will post on after I organize everything!)

I had this awesome box that was long, low and had a lid that slanted. 
I put some plastic down, the plastic that was on our couch when we brought it home.
But they make actual plastic to lay down before painting, it's also pretty cheap but I'm considering buying canvas drop cloths for inside craft projects.

If it wasn't 40 degrees and 60 mph winds I would have done this outside on some cardboard.

Plus I like watching Netflix while doing stuff like this, it keeps my mind occupied.

Here is the yellow one during:
I did half with one coat so you could see how well it covers!
Smack dab in the middle of the living room rug!

I painted the tan over the white and blended the blue to the bottom,

Both large canvases look pretty much like the one above.

I also had a smaller canvas that got the same treatment.

I still haven't had a chance to hang them up. 
Once I figure out where to put them, I'll be taking more photos of them!

Thanks for stopping by!

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