Monday, April 20, 2015

Organizing Nail polish and supplies.

I'm obsessed with nails and organizing, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem!
I've had a couple of mobile cases for my supplies, that included,
This small guy I used in hair school for all my hair supplies.

But as my collection grew, mostly because of OPI's Gel Color polishes.
 (Here is the link to the website of swatches!)

I end up doing my own nails weekly, 
I get easily bored with some of the colors that I just need something new.
Most the time, when I really like my nails I have gone as long as four weeks, which is not recommended, I was in the process of moving and was testing to make sure they wouldn't chip.
Of course they didn't chip or peel, they had just grown out so far I couldn't stand it anymore!

Back on track here, I needed something bigger, but still mobile.
I have been using a rolling toolbox for my hair supplies for years now, 
and of course I got one for my nail supplies! 

So I expanded to this bad boy,

I could store everything in it, and have it very well organized.

But after three years of lugging that around I needed to have something in the new house, that organized them, kept them out of sight (and sunlight), but also somewhere I could easily get to them.
I enjoy doing my friends and family's nails as well, the location had to be lower down so the colors could be organized and easy to find for them to pick out what they want.
I also don't want to make millions of swatches.

After re painting the free dresser I named the catch all I realised that I have a craft room at the new house and I don't need to store all the items in the drawers.

So I have 6 empty drawers.
I first tried to use plastic bins, baskets, separators 
and nothing fit in their correctly, total bummer.

When we moved I found that I hoard foam core boards.
I have at least 10 out there!
I use them to mount artwork on to frame usually, but a few were bent and curved after the move.

The light bulb finally blinked on,
I cut the foam core board to fit the gel polish, I think it was 1.75" or something. 
I traced the first ones and went to town with a scissors.
(If you try this you will need a lint roller when you are done.)
I just guessed, and it turned out really well!

I did however not measure the Gelish brand bottles I have a handful of. 
It's a tight fit and some have to go upside down but they all fit!

I also love that I can store my glitters upside down, the way they should be stored.
The small prep solution bottles also fit nicely in the grid, they are in glass bottles,
I have broken a few with the mobile case.

The nail art goodies are in a plastic basket along with the tools in the blue square bin.
the far side holds a long skinny basket with all of my files and long tools.
Extra sanding blocks buffer the baskets so they don't move.

The lamp to cure the gel, pedicure supplies, regular nail polish, cotton, pads, wipes, and chemicals are all kept in another drawer that has yet to be organized. 
I'm not worried about it too much because I'm the only one who uses those things. 

Please excuse any over spray from the first paint job. 
It's not worth painting the inside of the drawers!

I keep a vase under the sink that my supplies fit in so that I can soak them without worrying about anyone seeing the gross dirty tools.

I will make a special post for some of the nail art I've done, but I'm not a pro by any means!

Thanks for stopping by!

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