Sunday, April 12, 2015

Upcycled entry way decor.

As soon as we signed the paperwork to start building our house 
I started looking for furniture to fill it. 

I can't help it, I'm a nester and a planner.
It also didn't help that it was rummage sale season when I started. 
Many items my parents had in their back garage or had just upgraded in their house that I claimed.

I only have one sister and we are overly vocal about what we want.
She got the huge china cabinet from our paternal grandmother,
I will receive the farm table from our maternal great, great, grandmother.
We just have to pick it up from family members who are holding it for us.

It all works out, and of course we offer each other items all the time instead of selling them
 or tossing them. 

Recently my sister has been doing more DIY projects and asking my advice.
I feel so honored!

Okay, anyway back on track here, 
Most of the furniture was garage sale finds, I really didn't want to redo too many things so I was drawn to charming items that I fell in love with instantly.
Such as this thing,

It's a "self contained aerial system", I have no clue what that means, 
but it records on wire and is basically a radio. 

It came with the original instructions and a few reels of wire.

My uncle of course needed to test out the attached microphone.

It has very beautiful dials that I love. 
I don't even care if it works, for $30 its going in my entry way.

We have a weird entry way wall that I thought this would be perfect for, and what do you know, it is.
With some polish, an old hankerchief, the green mirror that I repainted from my parents house and  some of my wedding flowers, it is a perfect drop spot.
I know that I would scratch the heck out of it so there was no reason to refinish it.
The green of the mirror is the same green as the end tables I redid from my parents.
Its restolum eden green and it coordinates with the big green wall perfectly!

This is the mirror before,
With a wooden veneered mirror that my parents had stashed in their back garage.

with a little help from my perfectionist mother,

 We turned these eyesores, 

Into this!

And this!

With the mirror back in the frame I loved it instantly!

Which of course match my end tables that went from this:

I tried doing a 'crackle' finish on these.
You live you learn right??

to this;

These end tables were one of the first things my parents purchased when they got married. 
I'm sentimental and very retro.

Thanks for stopping by!

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