Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Planner cover remake

By now everyone should know that I'm addicted to planners!

I made a small planner cover 5 years ago that I loved.
How ever it was for the 6"x3" planner.
That's way too small for all my random notes and lists I pile in a planner.

I was smart enough to make extra strips of fabric and had sewn them together for whatever reason.
Who knows?

Anyway I came across it while I was packing my craft room to move,
I stitched it to some interfacing and gray fabric.

There are a million patterns out there for planner covers.
I made mine up as I went along.
Probably why I had to take it apart and re-cut and sew it.

Here is the front detail that was sewn together 5 years ago,

And this is what the new cover looks like:

Its not exactly the best stitch job,
you learn as you go!

This one fits the 5.5x8 planner from franklin covey.
With enough room in the front pockets for all my notes, stickers and reminders.

Thanks for stopping by!

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